Is there a “best” way to shop for a home?  Many clients and professionals alike have been asked this question and of all the different answers, there is a trend in the most popular.  Google search some variation of “frustrations of buying a home” and – well – good luck.  There is hope!  For you…

#1 – Be Ready.  Not like but kinda…  Before you spend what is likely the most amount of money on one item as well as in monthly payment, do that math.  Not my math, YOUR math.  What is your math you ask?  Your budget.  Don’t have one?  Do one.  Take a quick minute to run through how much money you feel comfortable parting from your bank account in lump sum at closing and going forward each month for the payments if financing.  These calculations can be tough or confusing if you haven’t done them in a while (or at all) and significantly more challenging if you find yourself in the driveway of “the one” and you must have it now…  There are two sets of these numbers; the max you can do (mine) and the max you feel you can do (yours).  Understand them both or at least just yours if you’re paying cash.

#2 – Review your Big 3.  Ford, Chevy, Chrysler.  No – not even close.  We are dealing in dollar amounts at 5-10-20 vehicles at a time…or think Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bugatti money…  What are your big 3?  Credit, income and assets.  Why review them even if you “think everything is just fine”?  Because if you are financing, you are about to be scrutinized by FBI level background check detail.  This includes those approvals where you don’t have to provide “as much” documentation.  Your provided data will be verified and double / triple checked as if you are guilty until proven innocent (or in the case of finance – denied until proven approved!).  For sure mortgages can be easy but the amount of work that goes into making the borrowing of hundreds of thousands of dollars easy is not easy.  Are you with me?

#3 – Shop using the right tools.  What is the right tool?  One that doesn’t have advertisements all over the place.  One that doesn’t make your phone ring non stop by selling your data to the next person and next person and next person and….STOP!  One that provides current and accurate data.  One that allows a tailored and 5 Star concierge level experience for you when moving your whole life and money…  One that is proven to be trusted and tested.  A tool that gives you more than it receives from you.  If you find yourself with #1 and #2 checked off the list, you can use this link to begin your home search.  You can let me know when you’re ready to be paired with a real estate agent who will operate in the same style as if I was your agent personally…and that’s something to be said as your lender.  We are partners you and I.  I have your back…

Bottom Line: it’s a lot of information, it’s a lot of detail, it’s a lot of money and it’s a big emotional event.  The ways of making it right for yourself are with the tools and processes of The Mortgage Professional.  Always.

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