I almost didn’t write this today.  There is a lot to do and there will be more, so…what am I doing?

I found a moment sitting in a home that will soon be listed for sale working with the buyers on the new contract of their next “home”…what are they doing?

Interest rates are down, building material cost is up, will we have a recession or not…who knows what who is doing?

Here’s the bottom line and if this is your first exposure to me saying it, it will not be the last.  Mortgages are not done until the deal is done.  That is, sitting at the closing table signing the documents with money being transferred and keys handed over.

You might think it’s “the one” and the day before closing a tree falls on it…what is tomorrow doing?

You might be paying cash and if you assume there’s no conditions, what is finance doing?

If you and your income, credit and assets are not partnered with the best team of lender, realtor, title, insurance, appraiser, contractor, etc….what are you doing?

How do you know what’s best for you, your family, close friends, coworkers…and beyond?  WE will all be helping each other.  It will be obvious.

The Mortgage Professional provides for your real estate in ways, once experienced, become deserved from the moment you take Step 1.  All aspects of residential real estate available in one place.

Bottom Line: The Professional has your back and you can reach out any time to find out more about becoming a client or a partner…or both.

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