The “American Dream” clearly pictures you owning a home.  Whether you do this before or after your apple pie and baseball game is pure semantics.  Get your spot, add a fence, a few more people plus a pet and #bam.  You did it!  So, how do you feel?

Frederick Peters is a Forbes contributor and CEO of Warburg Realty in New York City.  He wrote the following a few months ago:

“We became a nation out of a desire to slip the bonds of Europe, which was still in many respects a collection of feudal societies. Old rich families, or the church, owned all the land and, with few exceptions, everyone else was a tenant. “

Do you think this is the driving force behind the desire to become a homeowner?  Is this why there are so many advertisements and programs behind first time buying?  Do we really connect these dots all back to 1776?  Well, it makes sense doesn’t it?

If you’re grown up enough to have the real estate discussion, that may also mean you’re ready to talk about the “things they didn’t tell you in school”.  This is the same for you first timers as it is for folks looking to move up or down in your home size.  Queue the part where I’m not trying to win a popularity contest…


Happiness does NOT come from the size of your home, the lowness of your interest rate or whether the address you keep is owned by you or someone else.  We broke the bonds of Europe and we also broke the bonds of slavery.  Our founding fathers fought for our independence, so you can fight for your own American Dream.  We abolished slavery, so you don’t have to be a slave to anyone or anything.

Bottom Line: Home is where the heart is and debt slavery is a VERY real thing.  You can try to find a real estate provider having these kind of straight forward talks and one who will do business putting you first…I’ll be here after your exhaustive attempts…  When you’re tired of running through those who give less than they receive, come on home to #TMP.  We can talk about all of the things you’re thinking, all the realities of your financial now and future and do business with each other the right (and in my opinion, only) way.

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