Meet The Mortgage Professional

Brent Kiffer - Mortgage Banker

NMLS# 16045

Getting To Know Brent

I believe that a financial decision this large should be all about YOU. You – the borrower. You – the real estate agent. You – the home builder or seller, the home insurance agent or the home inspector, the appraiser, the title company and beyond, there are so many lives impacted by this one transaction – a mortgage. I believe that each and every one of you, no matter how your life is impacted by a mortgage, should have someone on your side looking out for you and what is truly important to you. I also believe in organization. There are a lot of people involved with making a mortgage happen and a lot of work must be organized to make the experience exceptional. There must be a plan in place to make the first discussion to the last payment however many years from now happen smoothly.

The thought process that has gone into creating a uniquely awesome and systematically repeatable occurrence each and every time as been tested by my first hand experience as a borrower, originator, manager, trainer and executive of mortgages. You might seek out someone as good…but never better.

I’m a husband, father, dog lover, AVID Formula 1 fan and into music from out of anywhere. I was born the son of a contractor so the real estate business is in my blood. My father and his company completed residential and light commercial projects as we were growing up and I have fond memories of hitting nails through scrap pieces of lumber as a project to keep a toddler busy on a job site. As I got older, I was able to help my uncle with finish carpentry and trim work mostly as the “cut man”.

Cutting sometimes expensive lengths of woodwork to fit perfectly taught the lesson of “measure twice – cut once” and this transferred well into the big dollar amount and life impact details of the mortgage business. Studying music and theatre after high school was a bit of a break from the real estate and construction world for me but it did teach me about customer experience. The way music and theatre can make consumers “feel” had a huge connection for me in translating experience into the process of financing a home.

Having always loved math, settling into a career in the world of mortgage finance made sense to me in early 2001. It all started in Louisville, KY which is where I met my lovely bride and where our son was born. Moving to Nashville, TN in 2007 launched another chapter in the career and was the birthplace of our daughter. The management path continued with a move to Kansas City in 2009 and then onto Indianapolis in 2013. Growing branches, training originators and travelling throughout the country made the centrally located move to St. Louis a sensible idea and it’s the central hub of The Mortgage Professional today.

Now, directly involved with each client and handling each transaction from start to finish, I’m within 4-5 hours drive of anyone from Chicago to Nashville or Louisville to Kansas City and all that is in between. My license number is one of the lowest active license numbers in the industry and like an old school doctor but of finance, I’m happy to make house calls. I believe my role requires this level of commitment that delivers face to face, over the phone or internet, at all hours and days of the week…for you.

You deserve it and the industry needs it; a true mortgage professional – The Mortgage Professional.

Our Mission Is A Better Mortgage Experience

LeaderOne’s mission and commitment to you is dedicated to facilitating the dream of homeownership by providing you with Five-Star Service.

We believe in earning your trust by communicating to you the information need to know, when you need to know it and by offering the right mortgage for your unique financial picture at a competitive and fair price.

Who Is The Mortgage Professional?

The Mortgage Professional Corporation is a revolution in mortgage banking. We are committed to our values of Service, Empowerment, and Accountability.

Our ownership model combines the best of both worlds; a commitment to individual empowerment with the backing of a solid, experienced, and committed team. Our customer experience is a function of our employee experience. Together, we truly can achieve more. Our belief in employee engagement doesn’t have a finish line.

A Culture Of Service, Accountability And Empowerment

We treat our customers with the same courtesy, professionalism and support with which we treat each other.


  • Service begins with how we interact internally
  • We seek out ways to make each other look good
  • We give each other the benefit of the doubt
  • We show our appreciation


  • We are all leaders
  • Everyone on the team is a ‘decision-maker’
  • We are proactive – we Fail Forward
  • We seek out feedback and ideas
  • We ask what we can do to help
  • We are committed to employee development


  • We hold each other accountable for positivity
  • We look for ways to do more with less
  • We own our mistakes, and learn from them
  • It’s nobody’s fault, and it’s everyone’s responsibility
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