An article from Forbes earlier this year shows the average real estate agent may not be as experienced as it seems.

Andrew DePietro – Forbes Contributor

“As of January 2019, the average annual earnings for real estate sales agents was $41,289…”

The National Association of Realtors latest number has the average price of homes purchased by first time buyers at $219,300 and Zillow has the median home value at $226,800.

Assuming a 1.5% to 3% commission on each sale, this means the average real estate agent is closing between 6 and 12 transactions per year.

That is from 1 per month to 1 every other month.  How does these numbers stack up to what you do in your job?  Of course there is a lot of tasks to each real estate transaction but…that is my point.

With Zillow, RedFin and other real estate companies coming into the market extremely strong with iBuyers and “instant offers”, selling your home quickly, easily and for cash may start to compete with what most people say they want – top dollar.  These instant sale programs are still in their new stages buy there is no doubt they are aiming to be a direct competitor to your real estate agent friend or the one you know from down the street.  Did I pick the agent that will get top dollar and quick???

For-Sale-By-Owner and cash offers do not typically fetch top dollar for the sale of real estate and only the best real estate agents command this opportunity. It is the years of the agent’s experience, the number of transactions proven over time and customer feedback time and time again that wins the most profit on the sale of real estate.  How do I choose which way is best to sell my home???

If you’re a buyer, it’s a totally different question.  You need someone to find a home that fits your requirements, you want to pay the best price for you and your family, the contract documents and inspections must be handled expertly and at the closing, the real home that is now yours should match the dream.

Bottom line: Every real estate transaction has about 9,382 steps.  Each one of those steps comes with a question of how to or what next or why.  All of these questions come down to one thing: YOU.  Want a sense of who has your best interest in mind?  Ask yourself this – Who do I keep coming back to when I want to really know how this all works?   Whether you need a real estate agent, a title company, a real estate appraiser, an insurance agent, a contractor for repairs or maintenance or a loan on that dream home, there is one place you can go for it all.  #TMP

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